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  • HOFEX 2019

    We are participating the trade show in Hong Kong, HOFEX 2019 with Noritake and Luzerne, associated by NIJI CONCEPT. We have selected modern Japanese design and color this time. Please visit us and see out beautiful new collections. *Price is as of May 9th, 2019.

  • Ariake Green Collection

    Ariake Collection is one of the longtime best sellers at Miyake. By coating with green glass glaze, the ware becomes more vivid and beautiful like spring fresh green. The cracked glass design naturally comes from the difference of contraction of glass and ceramic; there is no clack when it just came out from the kiln, […]

  • HOFEX 2017

    We have participated HOFEX 2017, which is one of the largest hotels and restaurants trade show in Hong Kong. This year, we have arranged our booth with Noritake and Luzerne, sponsored by NIJI CONCEPT. Our Japanese tableware was colourful and gorgeous to catch visitors’ eyes, and we have received great reputation and feedback throughout the […]

  • Plate Arrangement Shooting at Kifune

    Kifune –  Oroshi, Toki-City, Gifu-Pref., Japan. The Chef Ito practiced at Tsukiji Sushiko in Tokyo, that is one of the most popular Sushi restaurants, and opened Kifune more than 20 years ago. In the “NO-SEA Prefecture”, GIFU, he carefully selects seafoods at fish markets in Nagoya area according to the customers’ preferences and requests. His […]

  • Customized Ramen Bowl (Logo and Message) Designed by Miyake

    Our Bunten-Kiln

    Miyake Ceramics owns a roller-hearth kiln, called BUNTEN-KILN. Bunten Kiln can do a special firing; In-Glaze. By using In-Glaze technique, fired designs sink into the glass material on the surface of porcelain so that the design will never be peeled off from the tableware. This firing also ensures “no harmful”. (Please note that our paints […]

  • Phoenix Lacquer Designed Knife Cover – Makie Hohoh

    Yoshihiro Knife

    The world famous knife manufacturing area, Sakai city (Osaka) has more than 600 years of sword and knife history, and Yoshihiro knives inherited the skills and technologies. Yoshihiro produces from the economical lines to the luxurious lines, from home use to professional use. The most balanced Josaku line is widely used by Japanese professional chefs. […]

  • Screw Lid Sauce Pot

    Ceramic soy sauce pots are necessary for Japanese restaurants, but the lid comes off and breaks easily, and the owners have to order and wait for them delivered…. it costs a lot. We have heard about this kind of stories for years and years, and finally found out how to solve the problem. Our new […]

  • Matcha Bowls

    Matcha has became popular recently since it was used for drinks and desserts, such as Matcha latte, Matcha Mochi, Matcha Ice-cream, and so on. Matcha is powder of tea leaves. Taking Matcha means taking the whole tea leaves so it is the healthiest way to drink tea. Listed below are Matcha bowls, that are traditionally […]