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Plate Arrangement Shooting at Kifune

Kifune –  Oroshi, Toki-City, Gifu-Pref., Japan.
The Chef Ito practiced at Tsukiji Sushiko in Tokyo, that is one of the most popular Sushi restaurants, and opened Kifune more than 20 years ago. In the “NO-SEA Prefecture”, GIFU, he carefully selects seafoods at fish markets in Nagoya area according to the customers’ preferences and requests. His cooks ingredients in season with simple and authentic decoration.
Even fishermen and fish dealers admire Chef Ito’s dish.

We have visited him for photo shooting of our new collections, and Mast Ito generously worked with us.
The tableware on the pictures;
C-3055: Mokume Plate Large (Black) with kudzu (Japanese arrowroot) cake and strawberry.
C-3117: Green Rock Face Plate with Nigiri Sushi / Flatfish Sashimi.
C-3020: Gold Kessho Leaf Bowl with Tatami Iwashi and Grilled Fish / Boiled King Crab.
C-3054: Green Leaf Plate Large with Sashimi Platter.
G-0064: Blue Ito Sake Bottle and Cup
C-1483: Gold Uzumaki Plate with Raw Oysters.
C-3050: Arita Cocoon Teapot and Cup

Other items on the pictures are also available at Miyake Ceramics.
We hope you got some idea of how to decorate Japanese plates.

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Yoshihiro Knife

Phoenix Lacquer Designed Knife Cover – Makie Hohoh

The world famous knife manufacturing area, Sakai city (Osaka) has more than 600 years of sword and knife history, and Yoshihiro knives inherited the skills and technologies.

Yoshihiro produces from the economical lines to the luxurious lines, from home use to professional use.
The most balanced Josaku line is widely used by Japanese professional chefs.

The beautifully designed with Mt. Fuji and Moon is called Mizu Honyaki Fuji Kakari Tsuki (means Water forged all carbon blade with Fuji and Moon). This line requires the most difficult process of forging and there are a few blacksmiths that can forge the blades.

The knives that have beautiful wood grain is called Senbon Kurokaki (means one in thousand black persimmon tree). Black persimmon trees are regarded as the most valuable wood, and they are generally presented to the Japanese emperors from ancient times.

Matcha Bowls

Matcha has became popular recently since it was used for drinks and desserts, such as Matcha latte, Matcha Mochi, Matcha Ice-cream, and so on.

Matcha is powder of tea leaves. Taking Matcha means taking the whole tea leaves so it is the healthiest way to drink tea. Listed below are Matcha bowls, that are traditionally used at tea ceremonies (Sado).